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Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note

Update: As promised, I’ve done a full review of this Galaxy Note car mount, after “test driving” it for a week – check it out here.

Also check out my video review of the Samsung Galaxy Note car mount:

Original article: When I just bought my Galaxy Note back in Nov. 2011 (International version of Note), there where pretty much no accessories of any kind available for it in US. However in just short few weeks, Amazon was filled with screen protectors and cases and pouches for the Note. There were also scores of car mounts available, for Note’s little brother – Galaxy S2, but nothing for Note, except for generic, multi-purpose mounts.

You can pick up Galaxy Note Car Mount from Amazon, for about $42-44 + shipping / handling (free in some cases, depending on seller).

Image of Galaxy Note car mount

Get the 4

Finally, and only after Note went on sale in US and Canada officially (on Feb 18, 2012), did manufacturers get their act together, and now there is a native car mount designed specifically for the Note – both US and international versions.

I will be picking this baby up soon, and putting it through a bunch of test. After using over 10 different car mounts – I know what to look for.

Main thing I will be looking at, will be the suction cup. All other car mounts that i’ve used previously, had horrible suction cup, and the whole unit would just fall on the steering wheel while I was driving. The only exception was the suction that came with my old as earth Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS unit – that was the BEST suction design I’ve ever seen.

Another thing that I look forward to is the ability to easily insert the Note into the mout and have it charging immediately – if only my “oh so advanced” 3rd gen prius had a USB plug, so I could control the music from the steering wheel…

Look forward for a full review of the Galaxy Note wind-shield car mount in the next couple of weeks – stay tuned.

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