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Solar phone chargers: one of the coolest gadgets ever?

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I’m sure you’ve all been in a situation where you are out and about, miles away from a charger, about to meet someone and your battery dies. It’s the worst! And as our phones become smarter and more powerful the life of a phone battery has reduced even more.

Android phones are especially knows to run out of juice fast. With all the manufacturer’s bloatware, and carriers useless apps that no one wants or uses, you are lucky if you get 3 hours of heavy use out of your Android smartphone. If your battery lasts till you get home from work to recharge it – it is a miracle. Especially so with new LTE devices, where 4G radio drains your battery at a much faster rate than commonplace 3G. And with the new 4.3″ or larger screen being a bare minimum for mid-range Android phones, and with some monster phones (such as my Samsung Galaxy Note) weighing in at 5.3″ screen diagonal, you need to be constantly connected to a power outlet.

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However there do exist some cool gadgets to help you stay charged up and ready should you need your phone, one of these gadgets is a solar phone charger. This nifty gadgets essentially a portable battery with solar panels on them, and what you can do is leave the charger out in the sun for approximately 2-3 hours until the indicator light turns on, then when its charged up you are ready to take it around with you and use it as a charger when you need it.

This is perfect for keeping in the car just in case of emergencies such as a car break down. You could literally leave it charging constantly in your car exposed to the sun and when you need it simply plug and charge. The charger comes with all the popular connectors such as usb, micro usb for Android phones, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, iPad, iPhone and iPod, and many others. Another additional feature of the solar phone charger is the ability to charge it through a usb connection to your computer. So if the sun isn’t particularly bright or need to charge it at night simply plug it in and you’re good to go.

Other interesting gadgets on offer from Powerbee are solar security lights, solar fountains, solar shed lights and many more solar-powered awesome gadgets.

I don’t know about you, but I run out of battery on my phone all the time, and find this solar charger to be one of the coolest gadgets I’ve come across. And my dad has an iPad, which he always forgets to charge – so I got him one of these! If you would like to know more – visit for more information.

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May 23rd, 2012 at 1:54 pm

How to install XtremeGuard Screen Protector on HTC Amaze 4G

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In this step-by-step guide I will show you on how to apply XtremeGuard screen protector to HTC Amaze 4G android phone.

These screen guards are available on Amazon of from XtremeGuard website for about $5 or less.

Why XtremeGuard? I’ve used it for 5 month on my Galaxy Note, and I personally think this is the BEST screen protector there is. I’ve used many protectors, and problems with most of them is they peel on edges, dirt gets in, they tear / scratch, there are hard to remove bubbles, etc. With XtremGuard i did not have ANY of this problems! Note – this is NOT a paid promotion – I just like these screen protectors the most.

Watch our XtremeGuard installation video:

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How To Install XtremeGuard Screen Protector – step-by-step guide:

Caution: You will be using small amounts of water to apply XtremeGuard screen protector. This can damage your phone, and you may loose your warranty!

When installing XtremeGuard screen protector, there will be some water pushed out from under the film. Make sure it does not go into the ear-piece grill or inside the phone. Use paper towel to immediately wipe excess water off.

We are not responsible for any damages. Perform these procedures at your own risk!

image of HTC Amaze 4 with GxtremeGuard screen protector

To install, you will need clean working surface, paper towel, the screen protector, microfiber cloth to clean the screen, credit card to push out air / water bubbles, bawl of cold water and liquid soap (no more than 2 drips).

Step 1) Remove battery from the phone. This will ensure you don’t damage / short-circuit your device.
Step 2) Clean the screen of the phone. Remove all dirt, dust and lint, so you don’t have bubbles under your screen protector.
Step 3) Wet tips of your fingers, and separate screen protector from protective film.
Step 4) Wet the back/inside (side that will go against the screen) of the screen protector, and place it onto the phone screen.
Step 5) Position the screen protector, so it is properly aligned on all four sides.
Step 6) Push out air and water bubbles with credit card. Wipe excess water with paper towel or microfiber cloth.
Step 7) Let the phone and screen protector dry for at least 8 hours (better let it dry for 24 hours) before placing battery back in the phone.

You are done! If you still see small bubbles under screen right after you applied it – either push them out, or just wait for a day – they will go away.

These instructions will work for any other XtremeGuard screen protector

Enjoy your phone!

Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note

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Update: As promised, I’ve done a full review of this Galaxy Note car mount, after “test driving” it for a week – check it out here.

Also check out my video review of the Samsung Galaxy Note car mount:

Original article: When I just bought my Galaxy Note back in Nov. 2011 (International version of Note), there where pretty much no accessories of any kind available for it in US. However in just short few weeks, Amazon was filled with screen protectors and cases and pouches for the Note. There were also scores of car mounts available, for Note’s little brother – Galaxy S2, but nothing for Note, except for generic, multi-purpose mounts.

You can pick up Galaxy Note Car Mount from Amazon, for about $42-44 + shipping / handling (free in some cases, depending on seller).

Image of Galaxy Note car mount

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Finally, and only after Note went on sale in US and Canada officially (on Feb 18, 2012), did manufacturers get their act together, and now there is a native car mount designed specifically for the Note – both US and international versions.

I will be picking this baby up soon, and putting it through a bunch of test. After using over 10 different car mounts – I know what to look for.

Main thing I will be looking at, will be the suction cup. All other car mounts that i’ve used previously, had horrible suction cup, and the whole unit would just fall on the steering wheel while I was driving. The only exception was the suction that came with my old as earth Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS unit – that was the BEST suction design I’ve ever seen.

Another thing that I look forward to is the ability to easily insert the Note into the mout and have it charging immediately – if only my “oh so advanced” 3rd gen prius had a USB plug, so I could control the music from the steering wheel…

Look forward for a full review of the Galaxy Note wind-shield car mount in the next couple of weeks – stay tuned.

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March 9th, 2012 at 1:15 pm