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Get AT&T unlimited plan (3G / 4G, Calls and Texts) for $45 / month, with a high-end Android phone (hint: Straight Talk).

If you go to a corporate AT&T store, this plan will not be available. In fact it does not exist on AT&T – but it does exist – on Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a smaller, budget wireless company that uses AT&T network for it’s phones, and its plans are MUCH more competitive. It is quiet simple actually to get fully-unlimited AT&T plan on Straight Talk, and the best thing – you will not need to sign a contract with AT&T. Here is how it works:

Basically Straight Talk offers a few somewhat decent smart-phones (two Android phones and a Nokia E5 which runs for only $149, which is a 2-3 years old 3G capable phone). If you want to do this “SIM swap”, DO NOT buy Straight Talk Android phones – most of them work on Sprint’s CDMA network and will not even have a SIM card. Get Nokia E5, and pull a SIM card out of it.

UPDATE: Originally we wrote about getting Nokia E71, refurbished for $49. However, it appears that they are no longer available on Straight Talk website. Instead you can get Nokia E5 – it’s a $100 more than E71, but still worth it, considering you will be saving almost $100 / month vs compatible AT&T plan. Not to mention that AT&T no longer has unlimited 3G/4G plans anyway.

However, if you want to use a high end device, they are not available on Straight Talk – as mentioned above, there are only two real smart-phones, and they are both mediocre at best – Samsung Precedent and LG Optimus Q – both 3.2″ phones with rather weak hardware – not to mention that they are not AT&T compatible. But, fear not!

In this guide I will show you how to set up any High-End AT&T Android smart-phone on straight talk and get the full potential of the AT&T 3G / 4G (HSPA+) for only $45 / month!

Choosing a high end Android phone for Straight Talk:

First things first – the phone must support AT&T 3G network to take advantage of this, but it does not have to be an AT&T phone – you can get an unlocked phone of your choice from New Egg or Techno Trading House (place where I got my Galaxy Note), or many other online phone shops.

If your phone is factory unlocked, all you will have to do is change APN (Access Point Names settings) to those used by Straight Talk – see instructions below.

If you get a locked phone from AT&T or bringing in your old AT&T device, you will need to root / unlock it manually – this can be tedious, especially with older HTC phones, but well worth it! Got to XDA Developers Forums, choose your device and go to Android Development section, to find a 1-click or Easy Roof instructions for your phone. However, most AT&T contracts are 2 years, and I doubt that you will want to use a two-years old phone (which will not have 4G radio in it). So most likely you will get a factory unlocked phone imported from Europe, which will probably cost you less that if you bought it off-contract in AT&T store, and usually not sales tax and free shipping included!

So here is how it works: 

You need to buy a Straight Talk phone that requires a $45 / month plan – see list of phones for Straight Talk $45 unlimited plan.

You cannot just get the SIM-card and will need the phone for any trouble-shooting in the future. I recommend getting a Nokia E5 for $149 – since you will not be using this phone, you want to spend as little as possible on it.

You basically activate your SIM card and then place it into the phone of your choice.

Getting your High End phone to work on Straight Talk:


You are doing any modifications at your own risk! If you do any modification to your phone, it may cause unpredictable outcomes in which your phone might not be usable any more.

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed, etc.

Please do some research if you have any concerns about using unsupported devices on Straight Talk!


The below APN settings are not finalized and can only be used for reference information. I will update this page as soon as possible. In the mean time I need to confirm all settings, to make sure they work!

Once you get the phone, activate it first, make sure it works (calls, 3G and texts). Then pull the SIM card out, and put it into your unlocked or rooted device. Then go to System Settings (usually you will need to press “menu” button, then choose setting).

Now choose Wireless and Networks >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names.

You will typically have one APN there – name won’t matter.

Click on it and change each line for the following (note – it is case sensitive):

Name: HOME

APN: att.mvno

Leave everything else alone EXCEPT the bottom selection that says:

APN type (here you must enter the following, with no spaces): default,supl


Then save, next choose to add another APN
make it look like this:



skip down to

MMS proxy

MMS port

skip to:
APN type (enter the following)

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  1. Hey. Thanks for the info. About a year ago I did exactly what you have described above but for a ATT Iphone 4. Everything has worked great for the last year (calls, text, mms, 3g data) And I have loved paying $45 a month!
    Now I want to move away from the Iphone and to an android phone, mainly cause I really want to have access to the 4G network. I was thinking about the Samsung Note.
    Are you sure that I will be able to access the 4G network? Using my current sim card that I have from my Nokia E71?
    Also I think that you said above that you are currently using the Note.. How is it? Would you recommend something different?

    Mike Olsen

    6 Mar 12 at 8:24 pm

  2. Hi Mike,

    The Galaxy Note will absolutely work on Straight Talk – I’m using one with E71 Sim Card – read about mys speeds just below …

    BUT … I’m using a EUROPEAN (imported) Galaxy Note – not the AT&T one.

    AT&T Note is made for LTE, and while it is backward compatible with HSPA+, it uses micro SIM cards, and I don’t really know how well it will work with ST … in theory it should be just fine, but no guarantees.

    About 4G … ST only has HSPA+ (AT&T’ quasi-4G … same as T-Mobile’s … but slightly slower … in good spots around Boston, I was getting 5-6 mbps down and 2-3 mbps up speeds) … but there is NO LTE support i presume.

    Now – I love the Note, but it’s huge, and not easy to use with one hand … so you should definitely consider that.

    Below is my video “review” of the Note … and here is my full Galaxy Note review which is geared toward roofers :)

    notice when I put it next to iPhone and Inspire 4G (Inspire is about the same size as Galaxy S2 “Skyrocket” – the one with LTE and 4.5″ screen, and is slightly bigger than normal S2 with 4.3″ screen)

    I recommend going with international Note to be on the safe side – I got mine from Techno Trading House … I also got one for me bro .. it was $675 with free shipping and no taxes … AT&T one is $650 + tax … and they might not even sell it to you without contract.

    I do recommend playing with AT&T Note just to get a feel for it … but honestly – if you don’t need the stylus and huge screen – go for S2 … it’s much cheaper ( ~ $500 on amazon ) and has HSPA+ “4G” and will be a huge upgrade over iPhone 4 … or better yet – wait a couple of months for new HTC One X … that baby will blow S2 out of the water for just a $150 more …

    Good luck …. and let me know what u decide to do, and how it works out for you.



    6 Mar 12 at 10:12 pm

  3. I purchased the Nokia e5 and I’ve had it for a year but now I want to upgrade to an android phone, can I just switch out the sim to a gsm unlocked phone? Because I believe that the e5 runs on the ATT network.


    12 Mar 12 at 1:55 pm

  4. Hi dbarajas1401,

    Since you can now buy Straight Talk SIM Card – you are better off getting that, and not risking that your existing sim will not work. New sim is only $15 – and also, comes with different “terms of service” so you are less likely to be disconnected for overusing mobile web / 3g, compared to sticking a “nokia” sim into android phone. Be sure to match the SIM card to the unlocked phone you are getting – that is, if your phone is for t-mobile, get a t-mo sim card, and same for AT&T … i would not get “unlocked phone sim” because you don’t really know what they will send you.

    Here is a banner

    Keep your Phone & Cut your Cell Phone Bill in Half


    12 Mar 12 at 11:17 pm

  5. […] the mean time, you can get your Galaxy Note to work on Straight Talk $45 Unlimited plan, which essentially runs on AT&T HSPA+ network with “advanced backhaul” (non-LTE […]

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