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How to install XtremeGuard Screen Protector on HTC Amaze 4G

In this step-by-step guide I will show you on how to apply XtremeGuard screen protector to HTC Amaze 4G android phone.

These screen guards are available on Amazon of from XtremeGuard website for about $5 or less.

Why XtremeGuard? I’ve used it for 5 month on my Galaxy Note, and I personally think this is the BEST screen protector there is. I’ve used many protectors, and problems with most of them is they peel on edges, dirt gets in, they tear / scratch, there are hard to remove bubbles, etc. With XtremGuard i did not have ANY of this problems! Note – this is NOT a paid promotion – I just like these screen protectors the most.

Watch our XtremeGuard installation video:

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How To Install XtremeGuard Screen Protector – step-by-step guide:

Caution: You will be using small amounts of water to apply XtremeGuard screen protector. This can damage your phone, and you may loose your warranty!

When installing XtremeGuard screen protector, there will be some water pushed out from under the film. Make sure it does not go into the ear-piece grill or inside the phone. Use paper towel to immediately wipe excess water off.

We are not responsible for any damages. Perform these procedures at your own risk!

image of HTC Amaze 4 with GxtremeGuard screen protector

To install, you will need clean working surface, paper towel, the screen protector, microfiber cloth to clean the screen, credit card to push out air / water bubbles, bawl of cold water and liquid soap (no more than 2 drips).

Step 1) Remove battery from the phone. This will ensure you don’t damage / short-circuit your device.
Step 2) Clean the screen of the phone. Remove all dirt, dust and lint, so you don’t have bubbles under your screen protector.
Step 3) Wet tips of your fingers, and separate screen protector from protective film.
Step 4) Wet the back/inside (side that will go against the screen) of the screen protector, and place it onto the phone screen.
Step 5) Position the screen protector, so it is properly aligned on all four sides.
Step 6) Push out air and water bubbles with credit card. Wipe excess water with paper towel or microfiber cloth.
Step 7) Let the phone and screen protector dry for at least 8 hours (better let it dry for 24 hours) before placing battery back in the phone.

You are done! If you still see small bubbles under screen right after you applied it – either push them out, or just wait for a day – they will go away.

These instructions will work for any other XtremeGuard screen protector

Enjoy your phone!

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