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Samsung Galaxy NOTE – ICS (Android 4.0) with Premium Suite, coming Q2 2012

Samsung demoed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy Note. Included with the upcoming update, will be S-pen Premium Suite of many new applications designed to take full advantage of S-Pen,and intuitive features – Samsung’s patented stylus for Galaxy NOTE.

Upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will provide great new features not available in Gingerbread (Android 2.3.6) and will also support Hardware Acceleration, resulting in great speed improvements of your Galaxy Note, and will make everything smoother.

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ICS allows you to:

– Easily multitask and and visually manage running apps with simple swipe gesture.

– Visualize Data usage and manage data consumption (set mobile internet limits / quotas)

– Enjoy multitude of Apps optimized or made specifically for ICS.

Integration of Google Voice into Galaxy Note dialer app will allow you to easily make G-Voice calls, check voice-mails, send text messages, etc.

Premium Suite includes:

1) S-NOTE – new notes taking app, helps expressively create a unique story on-the-go, will include 8 templates – Simple Notes, Meeting Notes, Sketch Book, Diary, Magazine, Travel, E-Card & Recipe.

2) SHAPE MATCH – Automatic Shape Correction.

3) FORMULA MATCH – Easily find answers for complicated formulas in Math, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

3) S-MEMO upgrade – major improvements over original S-Memo app (which was full of bugs, and was underdeveloped, lacking features such as advanced Notes export / backup and importing previously saved notes)

New S-MEMO app will allow you to instantly capture type of idea, directly from home screen.

Created notes can be uploaded to the “cloud” and later downloaded in its exact form (a truly functional Backup / Restore for S-Memo), as well as shared among multiple Galaxy Notes.

4) MY STORY app – write content-rich letters or e-cards to family and friends (or significant other), make multimedia albums to share, and easily send them by email.

image of Galaxy Note ICS with Premium Suite in Q2

We will post a full review of Galaxy Note ICS update as soon as first real beta leak becomes available (most likely before official launch), hopefully in early April. Check out full Galaxy Note review at My Phables – a PHABLET (phone/tablet) review site.

Also check out Galaxy Note car-mount from Samsung:

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