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APP Review: Roofing Calculator for Realtors & Home Inspectors

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As a Realtor or Home Inspector you often get a question from your clients about how much a roof replacement would cost, and have to guestimate the price. Now, you can take advantage of a highly efficient, user-friendly Roofing Calculator App that will do all the hard work for you and immediately provide your clients with an accurate estimate of roof replacement costs. The Roofing Calculator App is very intuitive, easy to use, and does not require any in-depth knowledge about roofing. With the help of this app you can significantly improve your customer service and make more money by increasing your clients’satisfaction, which will lead to more home sales and future referrals. The Roofing Calculator app is available on the Android Market as well as (dreaded) Apple’s App Store.

In comparison to other similar apps, this Roofing Calculator App is more expensive, costing $19.99 USD (including lifetime upgrades). While you may be paying more upfront, the app’s advanced features and superior performance are well worth the price. You can take advantage of a wide range of customizable settings, easy-to-use functions, and highly accurate results that far outperform other roofing calculators, which are typically oversimplified and limited in their capability and precision.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents & Brokers:

As a Realtor you know that questions pertaining to a home’s roof are some of the most pertinent both to buyers and sellers and are often the cause of tension and stress in negotiations. Buyers are concerned with how long an exisiting roof will last and how much it will cost to replace it and sellers want to know the same thing, so that they can strike the best deal with the buyer if they will have to pay for roof replacement. Having a correct estimate is a key factor since a lot of money is at stake, and finding a roofing contractor takes time and complicates the process. The roofing calculator app simplifies everything by making an accurate roof replacement cost estimate available at the click of a button. By using the calculator to get an accurate estimate you can help expedite the negotiation process and make it go smoothly for both parties involved.

Moreover, if you have a roofer that you work with, you can essentially pre-sell a roofing job for them by using the calculator and negotiate your referral fees. The contractor can enter his own prices for labor and materials into the calculator, so that the estimate you give to your clients will be aligned with the estimate of the roofer that you will recommend. If your buyer or seller decides to take your recommendation and hire your roofing contractor, you will make money on brokering this deal.

Benefits for Home inspectors

As a home inspector you can take full advantage of the roofing calculator app by providing accurate information in your home inspection report about how much it would cost to replace a roof in case you find that a replacement is warranted. Your client will appreciate this accurate and timely information, and you can make it available to them without spending much time and effort, by using the Roofing Calculator App. It will give you an accurate estimate in seconds! Similarly to real estate brokers, you can also ask a roofing contractor that you know or work with to input all the necessary information about labor and materials costs, as well as create custom roof profiles that will make your estimating job even more fast and easy. Moreover, by syncing the prices of the calculator with those of your roofing contractor, you can also negotiate an agreement where you get a finder’s fee for referring your clients to your roofing contractor. Thus, using the Roofing Calculator App can not only help you increase customer satisfaction with your home inspection reports, but can also become an invaluable tool in generating additional income from roof replacement referrals.

How the Roofing Calculator App Works

As a real estate broker or home inspector you do not need to know the current market prices for labor and different types of roofing materials to use the Roofing Calculator quickly and efficiently. The Roofing Calculator App does all the thinking for you and gives you an accurate estimate in seconds! To begin using the app you can simply ask a roofing contractor that you know or work with to in-put appropriate values for the costs of materials and labor in to the calculator’s General Settings. A roofing contractor can also create custom profiles for different types of roofs and roofing materials that you can then easily access to do a specific roof estimate. The app will guide you to in-put basic information about a specific roof that it will use to complete the calculation.

Roofing Calculator App is equipped with a convenient Presentation Mode that you can display to your clients on the spot. The Presentation Mode has been specifically designed to only show the information that clients care about the most- estimated cost of roof replacement and the size of the roof. With this mode, your clients will not be overwhelmed with extra details, such as materials breakdown, and a roofing contractor’s labor / materials costs (available in the Contractor Mode of the Calculator).

Getting this app:

You can download it either from your device or from Market (App Store) website – links are below:

As mentioned – this app comes in at a rather hefty (for mobile apps) $20 price tag. On Android you have the typical 15 minutes try-out period. However we recommend you see the videos above and on Developer’s site, to see how this app works, and if it is for you. When we tested it out, it was rather overwhelming at first, but then, as a friend of mine helped me put in some prices and explained a few things, it became as easy as 1-2-3.

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June 7th, 2012 at 2:47 pm