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Oracle sues Google over Java patents – the Beginning and the End

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Note to readers: I did not write this Oracle vs. Google article per-se. It was originally written by Eldar Murtazin of However, the original article is in Russian and was never translated in the English section of his site.

I find this to be one of the most interesting and deeply analytical articles on Oracle vs. Google case that I’ve read, and I wanted to share it with you. So I went ahead and translated it to the best of my ability, trying to convey Eldar’s ideas without changing the technicalities of the subject. I hope you like the article, and that I did not go off tangent, when translating it. Here is part one of this 3-part series. If / when Eldar writes next parts I will post them here for you.

However, since we all now know the outcome of the case, I think that parts 2 and 3 will never be published. I will include the details of the final verdict, below the article.

Nature of Oracle’s Java lawsuit agains Google:

Oracle is known to buy up companies and then “milking” their patent portfolios. This was one of the main ideas behind the Java lawsuit against Google. However, decision was not purely financial: Oracle’s CEO – Lawrence Ellison was also a close friend of Steve Jobs. Jobs promised a “thermo-nuclear war on Android”, which was one of his personal missions in life. Even before Jobs passed away, mr. Ellison promised to wage and win this “war on Android” as respect and commemoration of Steve Jobs. In Aug. 2010, Oracle officially filed their lawsuit against Google.

Enter Eldar: Oracle vs Google

We are witnessing this decade’s most epic law suite and its result may very well turn Android from a free operating system into a platform with sizable licensing fees payed out by Google or its partners. If Google looses this case, it will owe Oracle millions of dollars, which will undoubtedly have an impact on Google’s business. In a series of articles, we will analyze the basis for Oracle’s claims against Google, the reasons why they surfaced only in 2011, and the contending claims of each side.

As a result of Oracle’s active and even somewhat aggressive position, the public is now privy to Google’s internal documents related to the initial days of Android’s development. These unique documents allow a close look into the history of this project from the perspective of an insider, and the opportunity to learn about the factors that fueled the work done by Google’s engineers and developers. If you are expecting to see a descriptive analysis of the court proceedings, you will be disappointed, this article will focus on a number of different issues that relate to this case. Without delving into the details of technology, we will not be able to fairly assess the positions of opposing parties. I hope that this discussion will be as intriguing and exciting for you as it is for me.

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June 7th, 2012 at 10:13 am